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The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, and the most successful crypto projects are those that can adapt quickly. We specialize in social media marketing for crypto and NFT projects, and we know how to generate buzz on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and 4chan. If you want your project to succeed, let us handle your digital marketing needs.

We offer a wide variety of marketing solutions to make sure your project can reach its full potential. Our team shills your project in the best channels multiple times a day to maximize exposure.

Crypto Shilling Service

services we offer

Here’s what we can do for your crypto marketing needs


4chan is a huge market, with thousands of seasoned crypto enthusiasts. Learn how we target this specialized audience.


Whether you want activity in your own channel or 10k mass DMs to other channels, we can make it happen.


Up to 10k DMs for your project. Perhaps the most target-rich source for getting the message out and generating buzz.


Mass DM up to 50k


We’ve got a number of aged accounts and can post and upvote your project on Reddit.


Looking for a video to promote your project, airdrop, or event? We can do it!


Mass DM service – up to 10k accounts

Press Releases

So you want to legitimize your project by getting traction with a PR release? Not a problem.

Press Releases-Asia

Getting noticed in China, Japan, Korea, and Singapore, is the ticket to worldwide adoption.

Medium Articles

Need a good article on Medium about your project? We are top-notch at getting the word out.

WhatsApp Marketing

Get the word out right where your target audience lives with mass DMs.

CoinMarketCap, CoinDesk, Coin Telegraph Articles

Want to get millions of eyeballs on your project?

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You need to get the word out because there's a whole planet to reach!


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We're crypto-focused and ready to help your project get the word out. There's a lot of noise online, and we help you to stand above it all and draw eyeballs to your your project.