Where do crypto marketing agencies promote projects and NFTs?


You’ve made it. You’ve launched a crypto or NFT project, and you want people to know! Where do you start? There are so many places to promote your crypto project or NFT. Or maybe you just want to use the best crypto marketing company to get the word out for you. The world of digital marketing is changing, and there are new opportunities that didn’t exist before. This guide will walk you through the various social media channels through which a top crypto marketing agency can help you reach influencers in your niche and get them excited about what you’re doing.

There are many communities on the Internet that are looking for new projects to shill.

The top crypto marketing agencies already have accounts and histories in different online communities. There are many communities on the Internet that are looking for new projects to shill. You can find these communities on Reddit, Telegram, Discord, and 4chan. Many of them will be happy to take a look at your project if you ask nicely and provide details about it.

Announcement channels of listing services and exchanges you are listed on

Announcement channels of listing services like Coinmarketcap or CoinGecko and exchanges you are listed on are a great place to get the word out

  • Announcement channels are the most likely to have a lot of traders. So, if you want to get feedback on your project and also find investors who will support it, this is the way to go.
  • Most exchanges have several announcement channels: telegram, reddit and bitcointalk for example. A good crypto marketing agency will know where to post and when.


If you’re looking to promote your crypto project or NFT, Twitter is an excellent platform to do so. In order to set up a Twitter account for your crypto or NFT project, you’ll need to create an account and then fill out the “about” section with relevant information about what you’re promoting.

Then, use hashtags like #crypto or #NFT in the bios of all posts that relate to your project. This helps promote the visibility of those posts across social media platforms and gives them more search engine optimization (SEO) value by increasing their linkability. You can also use hashtags within tweets as well—just be sure not to overdo it with too many tags otherwise it could reduce clickthroughs from people who just want plain text!

To engage with followers who are interested in this kind of content but don’t necessarily want every single update on their newsfeeds, try using “retweets” (RT) and “mentions” (@). Retweeting allows users who follow both accounts involved in posting original content will get automatic notification alerts whenever someone else retweets that same post; this lets them know there’s something new happening around these topics without having all updates directly shoved into their faces when they log into Twitter each day! Mentioning is similar except instead


Discord is a chat platform that can be used to get in touch with other people who are interested in crypto. It’s also a great place to find people who are interested in your NFT project. There are many cryptocurrency related channels on Discord, and you can join them as long as you have an account.

  • If you want to promote your NFT project through Discord, first make sure that the channel is relevant to your product or service. For example, if you’re selling sneakers with NFC chips embedded into them and want to promote them on some cryptocurrency channel, then it won’t work because most of the members there won’t be interested in that product or service!
  • You should also make sure that the channel isn’t too big or too small for the number of members it has so that there will be enough traffic for sharing about your NFT promotion campaign. Then when someone asks about how they can buy some sneakers by using their smartphone with NFC technology built into them (which was made possible by using Smart Tags with ERC721 Tokens), maybe someone else will reply back saying “Oh yeah I know where…”

4chan /biz/

4chan is a popular image board with a cryptocurrency subforum. It’s a good place to get exposure for your project, and posting on /biz/ is free. However, you want to keep in mind that it is actively moderated, and admins will block your IP for 30 days if you are promoting a service or NFT. So it’s best to hire a crypto marketing company like us for tasks like this.

Reddit cryptocurrency subreddits

The Reddit cryptocurrency subreddits are a great place to start. They’re composed of crypto-enthusiasts and those who are interested in your NFT, so they’re likely to be most receptive to what you have to say.

You can also try reaching out directly through social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn. These platforms might not reach as large an audience as the main ones (Reddit), but they can help you connect with influencers who may be able to provide valuable feedback for your project or give it a boost in recognition within their circles.

Press Release

PR is a good way to get your project in front of people. Just like with traditional press releases, you can use it as a tool for getting media attention—but these days, there are also many more ways that you can use PR for marketing purposes.

You can write about your project on social media and send out links to those posts through PR. You could even reach out directly to journalists who might be interested in covering your crypto product or NFT (like by emailing them).


Medium is an excellent place to start. It’s one of the most popular blogging platforms, and there are lots of people on Medium who are interested in crypto projects and NFTs. The “search” function on your blog can help you find users who have posted about these topics in the past. This can be a useful way to narrow down your audience and find people who might be interested in your project.

Another option is posting articles about relevant topics directly onto the platform (like this one). If you do so, keep a close eye on what kinds of comments or reactions your post receives from other members of the community—they may give valuable feedback that will improve future posts!


Telegram is a great place to promote your crypto or NFT project. Telegram has a large community of users who are interested in the cryptocurrency world, and they’re active on their messaging app. This means you can get your content in front of people who actually want it.

Telegram is free, so there’s no cost involved here. And because Telegram is largely used by crypto fans and enthusiasts, there are many channels devoted to specific tokens and projects that you’ll be able to join easily (and for free).

If you want to promote your project, a crypto marketing team can help.

There are many places online where you can promote your crypto project. You need to be genuine and honest, but also willing to help others. There are hundreds of forums, subreddits, and websites out there with the sole purpose of helping crypto projects get exposure. Crypto marketing agencies know which ones are best for your project. These sites give crypto projects an opportunity to prove themselves by posting useful content related to cryptocurrency or NFTs in general. The most successful projects will be ones that provide value through their posts, while still being able to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack.

Or simply hire a crypto marketing agency

If you have a marketing budget, then hiring a crypto marketing agency is another option worth considering as well. A good cryptocurrency marketing agency should know what works best for promoting any type of project (crypto or NFT), so they may be able to offer advice on how best to market yours!


In the end, there are plenty of places you can promote your crypto project or NFT. The best thing to do is try out some different options and see how they work for your needs. If one channel doesn’t seem like it would be a good fit for your project, then move on to another one. There are many options available, so don’t feel limited by what we have listed here today!

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